Fashion: A Capsule Travel Wardrobe

Have you heard of the 10 x 10 capsule wardrobe? The challenge, as per Style Bee, is to create a collection of 10 pieces of clothing and mix-and-match them for a period of 10 days. The challenge is great for all sorts of reasons, including to take a break from shopping and to get more creative with what you already own. For me, though, I’m considering it for my upcoming trip as I’m going to try to travel with a carry-on only. I traveled to Paris with only a carry-on, and I loved it. Moving through the airport check-in and security was quick, and I was guaranteed to have my luggage full of clothes on arrival (my fear of lost luggage has increased in recent years).

Here’s what I’ve gathered for my 10 x 10 travel wardrobe. I own most of these exact pieces or very similar items.

Can you already see how many outfits I can pull together with this collection? Here are some:

  1. white tank + black jeans + cardigan
  2. black swing dress + moto leggings
  3. maxi dress + cardigan
  4. black jeans + happy tee + quilted jacket
  5. moto leggings + white tank + striped top
  6. black swing dress + striped top
  7. maxi dress + white tank (underneath) + quilted jacket
  8. black jeans + striped top
  9. maxi dress + moto leggings + striped top
  10. moto leggings + happy tee + quilted jacket

I have Cole Haan sneakers as my only shoe in this collection, but I like traveling with more than one pair, so I’d likely add another. I’d also likely add another top – something longer to go over the moto leggings. Regardless of these additions, I think the collection of 10 items is doable for a getaway! What do you think?


  1. Jen March 27, 2019

    Love it! I recently spent a week in Hawaii and I did carry-on! Throw in a scarf (and maybe another pair of shoes) and I think you’ll all set! Can’t wait to hear about your trip!

    • Jordana March 27, 2019

      You did a carry on for Hawaii? Great. This gives me hope! I agree about the scarf and shoes.

  2. Silvia Del rosso March 27, 2019

    Amazing! This would work for me.

    • Jordana March 27, 2019

      It’s easy especially when the climate is warm. You don’t need heavy sweaters!

  3. Julie Simcox August 7, 2019

    I still have this piece saved in my inbox! Just bought a new carry on from ‘Away’ i am never packing heavy again. This article is everything x

    • Jordana August 7, 2019

      Okay – you must fill me in with an honest review of the Away carry on. So many people have raved about it online, but I don’t know anyone in real life who bit the bullet and bought one. What did you buy? Have you traveled with it already? I’m glad to read that you appreciate this post. I refer back to it, too! The Smash & Tess onesie was one of my best purchases for all of my spring travel.


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