Spring paper flower wreath

by Johanne

I know that like me, you’ve been wondering what to do with all that butcher paper you’ve got lying around.

Well, don’t I have a project for you: a lovely spring paper flower wreath!

Project by Alisa Burke where you’ll find the easiest step-by-step how-to photos and instructions for making the wreath.

And maybe it’s just me but gosh, we could use these lovely paper rosettes in so many ways: corsages for guests at your next brunch, decorations on each plate for dinner or strewn across the table, sitting pretty on a paper napkin ring, or as an accent on a bottle of bubbly offered as a gift. And etc. and etc.!

Happy paper flower day!


  1. Jordana April 20, 2011

    Oh I want to make this! Tout de suite! Thanks for bringing such beauty to White Cabana today. Gorg!

    • Jordana April 20, 2011

      p.s. Ever since people made me take off my winter white pom-pom wreath, my door has been empty. This paper one will be perfect. I will add butcher paper & wreath ring to my shopping list this week! I just LOVE this Johanne!

  2. Johanne April 20, 2011

    So happy to hear that you’ll be making this spring wreath! I agree that it will look fantastic on a doorway- it’s such a thing of beauty and simplicity. What a nice change from the winter pompoms, too :).



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