Marketplace: Spring Bike Accessories

Who is excited for spring biking? I am! Waterloo is a great place for biking because of all the trails. Road biking is decent, too, because of all the designated bike lanes and shared road signs.

After last year’s makeover, my Peugeot is in pretty great shape. I’m replacing my grips with Brooks leather grips, and I’d like to add a sturdy back rack because my vintage version fell apart last year.

If you’re in the market for some bike upgrades and accessories, here are a few design-friendly suggestions.

basket, helmet, headlight, backpack, jumpsuit, cupholder, reflective stickers, pin, lock, storage rack, bell, reflective pant strap, leather toolbag





  1. Silvia delrosso April 10, 2017

    Enjoy biking. Waterloo sounds ideal for biking this summer.

  2. rosie April 10, 2017

    I want that helmet! SO cute

    Life is just Rosie

    • Jordana April 10, 2017

      I bought the helmet. So far so good!

  3. Rox-Anne April 11, 2017

    I always love your biking IG pics! I need a drink holder for my bike this year. It would be so much better to sip water on the go rather than having to stop when I get thirsty. Happy biking!


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