The Friday Five: Bedrooms

It’s Friday! Who is excited for the weekend?

I’m a month into my new job and it’s been going great. I love the work and I love where I’m living in Waterloo. What I could use is a bit more sleep-in time. Days are busy with work and nights and weekends have been busy with prepping for my dissertation defense (11 days!) and planning out home reno projects. Who can sleep-in when there’s all this excitement? There are boxes stacked in my bedroom so, at the moment, it’s nothing like what a serene bedroom should look like. Soon enough, right? I’m hoping that by the end of September I will feel much more settled.


via Desire to Inspire


via Desire to Inspire


Rebecca and Dan’s Toronto home, via Style North


via 79 Ideas


via Snob

 Have a wonderful weekend everyone!

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