Hotel to Home: Ocean House, Rhode Island

I think I have wanted to stay at every single hotel I have featured in this Hotel to Home series. And today’s hotel is no exception. The Ocean House in Rhode island is a gorgeous Relais & Chateaux property with spectacular ocean views.

Each room is pretty, but it’s this Beach Rose Suite that caught my attention because of its kitchen. I haven’t yet featured a kitchen in this series, so here we go!

And here’s my take on this very classic kitchen style:

kitchen cabinets, stainless steel knob, subway tile, fridge, oven, dishwasher, microwave, faucet, quartz countertop, utensils





  1. My cousin rave’s about the Ocean House! His wife is from Rhode Island and they take an annual trip there. He used to say it was undiscovered spot, but recently he has mentioned some high profile people have discovered it.

    • Jordana March 3, 2017

      Wow! It looks absolutely divine! And the views…oh man! Just beautiful!


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