Real Estate: Yorkville Condo, Toronto

I saw this condo pop up in my Twitter feed, and I couldn’t help but clicking the link to learn more. The white and wood are absolutely my style. photo_22533334-666x500 photo_22533337-666x500 photo_22533352-666x500 photo_22533339-666x500 photo_22533333-666x500 photo_22533344-666x500 photo_22533343-666x500 photo_22533335-666x500

The Yorkville condo (high-end part of Toronto) is listed just under $1 million. Learn more via Sotheby’s.



  1. Rox-Anne November 10, 2016

    That bathroom!! *Insert heart emoji eyes here* Wonder if you asked nicely they would give you a tour 😀

    • Jordana November 14, 2016

      Right? I could easily mimic that bathroom in my own house. Gorgeous. Might need to wait for an open house…


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