Hotel to Home: Monochrome and Wood in Paris

Who wants to go to Paris? Oh, I do! I do! If I had an endless sum of money, I’d go once a month just to get a croissant and baguette!

The Hotel Panache in Paris isn’t a classic Parisan hotel, but it sure does impress. I love this unique bentwood headboard against monochromatic, subtle prints.


Hotel Panache

And here’s what the room inspired me to create:


headboard, pillow, bed linens, chandelier, wallpaper, shelf, chair


  1. Rox-Anne March 31, 2016

    I’d love to stay in a hotel like that in Paris! It’s funny you say you’d visit for just the croissant and baguette. I picked my mom up at the airport when she returned from Paris and that’s what she brought me! It was like nothing I had ever had before and I would gladly hop on a plane just for that! xx

    • Jordana March 31, 2016

      That’s AMAZING!!! The French definitely know what’s what!


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