Marketplace: Essential Items for your Bedroom

Last week I featured five beds, and while I think this is the major component of a bedroom, it’s not the only thing that makes a bedroom special. Here’s a round-up of ten other items that I have – and really enjoy having – in my serene white space.

White-Cabana-bedroom1. bedside lamps (via Ralph Lauren Home)
2. crisp white bed linens (via Zara)
3. collection of white containers and platters to corral jewelry (via CB2)
4. carafe (mostly for show, if I’m being honest…I don’t actually use mine, but it does look neat) (via CB2)
5. vintage dressers and vanity (via 1stDibs)
6. a selection of comfortable pillows (via Bed Bath & Beyond)
7. mirrors (via Crate & Barrel)
8. collection of vintage silver trays to collect bits and bobs (via 1stDibs)
9. flowers (as often as possible) (via The Crafted Life)
10. a down duvet (via Ikea)
(See what else I love about my bedroom right here.)

What are your bedroom must-haves?


  1. Rox-Anne October 15, 2015

    You forgot to include your oh-so-adorable tassel garland! I’ve always thought of placing a carafe in my room, it would look so much nicer than water bottles on my nightstand, but I know I would never use it. The must have for my bedroom? A nightstand that can hold all my books, my iPad and charger nearby (for nighttime reading), my little desk globe so I can plan my next vacation and my tv. I know it’s bad having a tv in a bedroom but sometimes it’s the only way I get a chance to watch what I want! xx

    • Jordana October 16, 2015

      Oh, yes, the tassel garland! That’s definitely a nice addition. A nightstand is definitely a must – mine also have to be large for all of those things! I like that you have a little globe in your room…that’s always inspiring!


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