20 Below: Clearly Clean

I’ve just added this new Clear Scalp & Hair Therapy shampoo & conditioner set to my rotation. So far so good.

Clear Scalp & Hair Therapy, shampoo & conditioner, about $5 each

Personally, I like to have a decent rotation of shampoos and conditioners in my bathroom (but not actually in my shower – that’s too much clutter for me!) and I don’t usually rely on only one brand (I wonder what hairstylists would think of my approach). Are you a one-brand-only kind of person or do you like to switch things up?

Heidi Klum endorses the Clear product line so I figure it’s got to be pretty good. She’s got great hair, right?

Note: It’s kind of ironic that the liquids are actually kind of a shiny sparkly purple rather than clear. Hmm…

Many thanks to Liane L. for passing these items my way.


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