The Friday Five: Knobs

Okay. Does anyone else go into Anthropologie, browse through all the knobs, fall in love with half of them, want to buy a bunch, then wonder what the heck to use them for, and walk out of the store empty handed? This is what happens to me. Every. Single. Time.

black & white stripe knob, $8

deco block knob, $10

squirrel knob, $10

linen flower knob, $12

molten spectrum knob, $8

The knobs are so pretty but I really have no use for them. Do you?

Images via Anthropologie.


  1. Shannon May 25, 2012

    My brother and I were at an Orchard a couple weeks ago and they had old doors/pieces of wood made into shelves with different knobs as hooks. They were really cool (and not cheap, either – we discussed making it ourselves).

    • Jordana May 25, 2012

      Hmm…you’ve got me now thinking about massive door knobs! Like brass door knobs that they have in France!

      I think the little glass knobs from Anthropologie would be great for a tea towel in the kitchen. But how could you limit yourself to just one???

  2. Jordana May 25, 2012

    These great ideas came in from Shannon ( via Twitter:
    – coat hooks
    – jewelry hangers
    – bowl full on a table just for bling
    – art – like a big mosaic

    And since it might be hard to limit oneself when purchasing these beauties, she suggested to change the knobs as per the season…or every month!

    Personally I think the bowl full could look kind of cool. Like jewels for the coffee table.

    Thanks Shannon!


  3. Jeni Johnson June 5, 2012

    Love them!

  4. mary February 4, 2015

    You can also buy these knobs from who are a uk based company


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