20 Below: IKEA Textiles

It’s no secret that I love IKEA. I’m a truly devoted fan. This is why I’m so happy to spread the news about IKEA’s new textiles Although there is plenty of colour in the collection, it is the black and white JULITA that really catches my attention. It’s like one big glorious doodle.

JULITA fabric, $4.99/metre, IKEA

In the past I’ve used IKEA fabric to sew carry-on bags, beach totes, makeup cases, baby blankets and a yoga mat bag. I’ve also used it to recover my teak chairs. It’s been durable and so easy to work with.

What have you made lately with IKEA fabric?


  1. RECREATED August 17, 2011

    I have always been drawn to IKEA fabrics, but have so far never bought any! I’ve always been concerned the fabric wouldn’t hold up for upholstery use (especially on pieces with repeated use), but it def would work for pillows/drapes, etc. Thanks for the reminder!

    • Jordana August 18, 2011

      Well – you definitely know a whole lot more about upholstery than I do Lindsey but I do have to say that the IKEA fabric (thick white – don’t know the name) on my amateur upholstery job has held up great (it’s been 7 years). My upholstered stools are also in good shape although they don’t get as much use as the chairs. I’d definitely keep your eye out – especially for the thicker fabrics.

  2. FrenchByDesign August 17, 2011

    Awesome print! So need to go to Ikea – but every time I go for a 10 dollar item, I end up with 100-dollar worth of stuff {I absolutely can’t live without}.

    • Jordana August 18, 2011

      I hear ya! This is exactly what happens to me too…and I love it!

  3. Kathy September 6, 2011

    Several years ago, my loft/condo was on a reno TV show, and the host made these extra-long curtains with IKEA fabric. He started with some basic white curtains, cut them in the middle, and added a panel of stylized black and white flowers, and a panel of lime green. It looked AMAZING and saved a ton of cash. You can see one side of the curtains on my blog (Aug 30 -Who says filing can’t be fun?) for anyone interested in seeing how they turned out!

    • Jordana September 6, 2011

      Great way to customize your drapery. I think your curtains look great (and I love your desk too).
      Thanks for stopping by Kathy.


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