Who's Hot?

The heat is on!

Temperatures are going to reach 40°C where I am today. We could all stay cool with one of these fans:

lace fan, $15.99, Great Lookz

ice cream cone fan, $7.95, Neatoshop

Dyson table fan, $379.99, Dyson

Or we could spend the day at a pool!


  1. Leanne July 21, 2011

    Ha – Forget the top two! Today, we need the Dyson!

    • Jordana July 21, 2011

      When I was in Spain everyone had a folding fan in their purse…I thought it was the best idea ever. But yes – today without air conditioning the Dyson is a must! Enjoy your day Leanne!

  2. Shannon (8foot6) July 21, 2011

    i need a pool!

    • Jordana July 21, 2011

      maybe you can squeeze one in while you’re renovating the back. but i’m a fan of Toronto parks & rec so stop by a public pool if you can!

  3. Johanne July 22, 2011

    I love the Dyson fan! I’ve been coveting one- could anything that blows be any more beautiful?




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