The Friday Five: Food

I just love when food – desserts especially – are beautifully presented. These five sweets look delicious and are perfect for sharing with friends and family.

by Coco Cake

via Tokketok

Souvlaki for the Soul – Flickr

meringue stack with strawberries, Gourmet Traveller

Lemon coconut cupcakes, Tartelette

Is there any baking on your weekend agenda?


  1. Johanne July 19, 2011


    I would love to do some baking but it’s already so hot in my non-air conditioned home that I have to cut back on any heat-generating activities.. that includes baking 🙁

    But I’m definitely going to whip up some sweet treats soon! These are so lovely and inspiring!

    • Jordana July 20, 2011

      Come back to this post in the winter! 🙂 Stick to popsicles and freezies and ice cream for now.


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