Dove: Go Fresh

Dove has been the #1 dermatologist recommended brand in Canada for over 20 years. From the beauty bars to the lotions to the hair care products, over time I have tried a good variety of Dove products. It’s no surprise then that I’ve been a Dove gal for quite some time.

Most recently I had the opportunity to test out a few new items from this classic company. Rebalance joins other Go Fresh products this spring and what a wonderful début it has made!

This revitalizing fragrance is inspired by nature and has scents of plum and sakura blossom. The Rebalance body wash, antiperspirant and body mist have served me well over the past few weeks and are sure to please many of you as well.

Dove Go Fresh: Rebalance; true colours: purple & white

Look at the pretty sakura blossom. So white and full of lovely details.

white sakura blossom, Jim Atwood

Many thanks to Dove for sending along these products.

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