Chocolates for April

It’s April and that means chocolate! (Well…Who am I kidding? Every month means chocolate, doesn’t it?)

Welcome to April!

I love the packaging on these Happy and Sweet chocolate bars by Kanella. Hopefully they taste as good as they look!

Happy & Sweet chocolate at Kanella

Simple on the outside & yumminess on the inside


 Photos courtesy of Kanella.


  1. Kristin April 1, 2010

    Gorgeous packaging! But you’re right…taste is the most important component!

    • Jordana April 1, 2010

      Hi Kristin,

      I’ve been spoiled with delicious Swiss chocolate so if it’s not good, I just won’t bother! Hopefully this is the case here because the packaging makes these chocolates hard to resist.

      Thanks for stopping by White Cabana!



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