Hotel to Home: Shangri-La, Vancouver

My apologies for missing last week’s hotel to home post. I realized too late that I hadn’t written one, and by the time I got home from work/school/activities, it was too late for me to finish a draft and post it.

But I’m back at it with a dining space from the Shangri-La hotel in Vancouver, British Columbia. It’s an impressive space and I had fun recreating it…in two versions – high and low.

via Shangri-La Hotel Vancouver

Here’s the high version:

vintage murano glass chandelier ($8521 CAD), curtains ($99 CAD), table ($1946+ USD), dining chair ($1297 CAD), tumbler ($278 USD), placemat ($48 USD), 5-piece flatware place setting ($690 CAD)

Here’s the low version:

E.F. Chapman chandelier ($1890 USD), curtains ($10 CAD), table ($289 CAD), dining chair ($189 CAD), stemless wine glass ($15 CAD), placemat ($13 CAD), 5-piece flatware place setting ($52 CAD)

Which version do you like better?