Design: Blog Headers 13

Oooh…we are at lucky number thirteen in the blog header series! The first four blog header designs are girly, curvy, and look to be hand-written. The last three effectively use shapes on and around the blog name. Any faves?




Fabulous K (lifestyle) (top: old version; bottom: new version)


The Makerista (DIY)


Katie’s Bliss (fashion)


Jana Bek (design)


The Hunted Interior (design)


Hey Natalie Jean (fashion)

Design: Blog Headers 12

Ugh. This weather. -25C. It’s way too cold! How are you holding up? Are you spending any time outdoors? I’m already tired of wearing my heavy Sorel boots (even though I love them because my feet stay really warm and perfectly dry), my sleeping bag coat (which I also love because it keeps me warm from head to ankle), my furry leopard earmuffs (so warm), and my Olympic mitts (super warm too – are you noticing a pattern?). I bundle up for my walk to and from work, but once I’m home, I’m home. I am so reluctant to leave the house after work on such ridiculously cold days! I do not know how those skiers do it!?

Anyhoo, one of the best parts of adopting a hibernation routine is that I have more time to browse blogs. I keep discovering so many awesome new-to-me blogs related to design, fashion, and lifestyle. If you have any recommendations, please do let me know about them in the comments! 

new blog logo 1

Design Life Kids (lifestyle & design)


5 inch and up (fashion)


Thrift + Thread (fashion & design)

Thisispaper Logo_o

This is Paper (design)


Cookie + Kate (food)


The Socialite Family (design)

Screen Shot 2014-01-12 at 4.59.36 PM

A Portable Package (fashion)