Design: Blog Headers V

And here’s another round-up of lovely black and white blog headers…and some extra reading material for your holiday Monday (in Canada). Like the other posts in this series, most of the content of these blogs are very colourful, which is why I’m extra glad to see them have such simple black and white headers. I love the variety of fonts that have been used in these headers.






Will She Love Paris-blog-header


Bez nazwyRASP

White Rabbit

Do you ever find yourself tempted to download a font and then wonder what you’ll do with it?

Well, now that the world of self-publishing has us doing everything from blogging to printing our own books, you’ll be surprised how many uses you’ll find for your new (free!) font.

Today I ran across the White Rabbit font designed by Matthew Welch. You can also see more of his design work here where the font is available for download. Use it to make your own Thank You cards, or better still- holiday gift tags.

And while we’re here, don’t we just love the font AND the name? So fun! And imagine my enthusiasm when I realized that White Rabbit is available for free on the site Font Squirrel.

White Rabbit font by Matthew Welch available at Font Squirrel