Union Jack

The popularity of the Union Jack continues to be strong in home decor. The design has been painted on vintage dressers, printed on pillows and used as curtains.

Here’s a more subtle Jack for all of us who love the look but without all the colour.

White-on-white Union Jack, $66, Karen Hilton Designs at Etsy


Image courtesy of Karen Hilton Designs.

Blissliving's Decorative Pillows

Blissliving‘s collection of throw pillows are pretty and are made of luxurious fabrics. The pillow designs¬†are everything from fancy to minimilist.¬†They come in almost every colour of the rainbow but most of my favourites are in shades of white.

The Jenna Pillow, $75

Sasha, $65

Anis, $39 on sale

Venice, $75

Evelyn, $69 on sale


Photos courtesy of Blissliving.