The Friday Five: Magazine Stacks

Books. Magazines. I love them stacked. I enjoy seeing my books and magazines (neatly) over-flowing all around my home. I tend to keep my stacks in my kitchen and office, but I also often have stacks of books and magazines in my bedroom. They make me happy. And it seems like these stacks make others happy, too.

via Domino

designed by Alexander White, via Home Adore

J. Levau

Mark D. Sikes

via Love Eva

Have a great weekend! Happy reading!

Blog Spotlight: Mark D. Sikes

My mom is on a roll with her online discoveries. I’m such a proud daughter. This week she sent me the link to Mark D. Sikes‘ blog, and I got completely sucked in. The blog oozes style and glam with a dose of chic and a splash of history. It’s awesome. Go look. (It’s not all white, but there is a lot of it floating around.)

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Photos via Mark D. Sikes.