Two for Tuesday: The Magnificent Magnolia

My friend Shannon and I are back in Madeira Beach for our annual girls’ vacation, and in between going to the beach, we’ve been catching up on some HGTV shows. Neither of us have cable at our homes, so this is a treat for us. We watched a couple episodes of Fixer Upper the other day with Chip and Joanna Gaines, and I really like their work. Generally, their makeovers are a bit more country than I generally like, but they do such a good job with the renos and styling. It’s so impressive! Via blogging, I’ve followed some of their projects, but I’ve only ever watched  a few episodes of their show. Have you seen the show?

In addition to the show, they run a bed and breakfast in Texas, and have a beautiful shop called Magnolia Market. So that’s the inspiration for today’s two-of-a-kind. Magnolia_Product_63_of_69_1024x1024

magnolia art print, Magnolia Market

Seeing the collection of magnolia art prints at Magnolia Market reminded me of the gorgeous magnolia tree I saw in Florence on the property of San Miniato al Monte.


photo by Jordana

Flowers: Magnolias, Dahlias, Tulips – Oh, My!

Ah, now that the weather is almost spring-like, I’ve been in the habit of spending some time each Saturday morning at the Kitchener market. If you’re in Kitchener-Waterloo, it’s definitely worth a visit (or several). The food is fresh, the people are nice, and it’s a really lively place. In addition to the usual fruit and veggies purchases, I’ve been spoiling myself with flowers each week. Now that the current home renos are (almost) dust-free, it’s a good time to fill the house with flowers. While I don’t always buy white flowers, they really are some of my favourites. Tulips, hydrangea, carnations, roses – they’re all just lovely in white!


via Kari Herer


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Happy Monday, everyone!