5 for 2011: A Check-Up

A couple of weeks ago I posted 5 goals for 2011. I thought I’d update you on my progress.

1. Wear rings. This has been a bit of a challenge for me, mostly because I’m not in the habit of wearing them and I forget to put them on when I’m getting ready in the morning. However, here are some that I have worn since I set this goal:

Jordana’s rings: Sparkle, sparkle!

(from Banana Republic & Forever21)

2. Embrace the cold weather. Second goal. Second challenge. I’m trying. My friend Kate knit me a gorgeous white scarf. I love it and it’s definitely helping to keep me warm (thanks Kate!).

scarf by Kate

Jordana with scarf

3. Host more parties. I’ve hosted one dinner party (for eight of my friends) since 2011 began. I think this is a decent start. I even managed to put together little flower arrangements for the occasion:

floral arrangements & photo by Jordana

4. Try new recipes. For said dinner party (see #3), I tried two new recipes: 1. Mushroom crostini (similar to this recipe) and 2. Pasta Alla Formiana (by Giada de Laurentiis). I kind of burnt the tomato topping. Oops.

5. Learn more about London, Ontario. I haven’t necessarily learned more but I have supported the arts community. I went to the Aeolian Hall to see (and listen to) performances by Julie Doiron, Sunbear and Castlemusic. Very entertaining. Great venue.

photo by Jordana

Well, there you have it, my first update on my 2011 goals. Goal number 6: to keep updated my progress.

Exhibition: WhiteBox@, Kelly Wallace, & the Michael Gibson Gallery

Last week I headed over to the Michael Gibson Gallery in London, Ontario to check out the WhiteBox@ exhibit. I was intrigued when I heard (via twitter) about a miniature gallery all in white!

WhiteBox@ consists of two galleries housed in a white box that sits at eye level. Because it is located in the front window of the Michael Gibson Gallery, it can be accessed 24 hours per day.

inside the WhiteBox@ – photo via Michael Gibson Gallery

The work inside this miniature gallery at the moment is that of Kelly Wallace. The artist uses graphite, and many, many vertical lines, to explore “the relationship between replication and memory”.

photos via Michael Gibson Gallery

The detail on Kelly Wallace’s drawings are incredible. During my visit to the gallery, I was also able to snap some close-ups of Kelly Wallace’s large-scale works (remember – these drawings are made up of hundreds of thousands of vertical lines – unbelievable):

photos by Jordana

Kelly Wallace’s exhibition is on only until January 1st so be sure to get there soon! The WhiteBox@ will continue through June 2011. Free art for our viewing pleasure. We’re so lucky, right?

Photos by Jordana and via Michael Gibson Gallery.

Snow Days

We’re experiencing our second heavy snowfall today here in London. The whole city has basically shut down – the university is closed, shops are closed, and public transportation is only running for half of the day.

This afternoon I put on my Hunter boots and fleece liners (amazing!), wore layers of clothing, sported my furry chapeau and I braved the winter weather. Here is what (a mostly white) downtown London looks like today:

Victoria park is covered in snow

Snow covered trees in Victoria Park

St. Peter's Cathedral with a dusting of snow

St. Peter's Cathedral in white

p.s. For those of you who are curious – yes, I absolutely adore white. But that doesn’t necessarily mean I love the snow. It’s great to look at but it’s really not for me.

Images by Jordana.