Typography: Photocopied Hands

I remember in my younger days how I used to get a kick out of photocopying my hands (and – gasp – face) whenever I encountered a photocopier. It was so cool to see all the lines of my palms and fingers. Who’s with me?

Although the novelty wore off for me, it hasn’t for one creative graphic designer in Germany. José Ernesto Rodriguez has taken this activity to a whole new level with his photocopied hands typography. Handschrift, as Rodriguez names it (rough translation is, I believe, hand font), is literally, handmade typography. Cool, right?

Handschrift by José Ernesto Rodriguez

The process did take some thought as Rodriguez demonstrates through his sketches.

Handschrift sketch by José Ernesto Rodriguez

I first came across Handschrift via Fast Company.

Blog Love: Paris Versus New York

Paris and New York, like many of our White Cabana readers, are two of our favourite vacation destinations! We love the art, architecture…and fashion! Don’t you?

Have you ever stopped to compare the two cities? The culture, the traffic, the food? Well, a new blog has come to town, the creation of Vahram Muratyan, which makes friendly comparisons, using graphic images, between Paris and New York. It’s brilliant (and stylish). We’re so happy that a white(ish) design has made its way to the Paris versus New York blog this week. Hooray!

Le journal

Have you seen the blog yet? Which image is your top choice?

Image courtesy of Paris Versus New York.

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