Why I want a Fiat 500: Reasons 1-100

Okay – so this is a long post. Get ready.

If you’re a follower of this blog or of my Twitter feed, then you already know that I’m currently contemplating buying a new car. The front runner is the new Fiat 500 and all signs are pointing me toward it. It’s an investment though and on my student/blogger budget I’m not sure it’s really one that I should make. But – oh – my – gosh – I just LOVE it!

photo by S. Keinath

I thought I’d give myself a “fun” challenge – to come up with 500 reasons why I should get a Fiat 500. This list – which will continue over the next couple of weeks here on the blog – might also encourage someone (hello – FIAT – are you reading this?) to generously donate one to me. Hey, you never know, right? Crazier things have happened.

So today may I present the first 100 reasons (in no particular order). If you think of any others, please email me, leave a comment, or catch me on Twitter. Grazie!

1. The Fiat 500 is Italian.

2. I’m Italian. Well – I’m actually Canadian but my parents are Italian.

3. The Fiat 500 comes in white. I like white.

4. The Fiat 500 is super cute.

5. The Fiat 500 is easy to parallel park.

6. It’s easy to back into a parking spot with the Fiat 500.

7. It takes less soap & water to wash it because it’s so small. Another good thing for the environment, right?

8. I would use the cup holder for a latte. Or a cappuccino. Or an espresso. Or…my favourite…a machiatto.

9. There’s a good chance I would be the first person in London Ontario to own a new Fiat 500.

10. It is good on gas.

The Fiat 500 on the London Eye

11. My dream would come true.

12. The Fiat 500 got a great review in the summer issue of the CAA magazine.

13. And in the New York Times.

14. I think Italian music sounds better in a Fiat 500.

15. I think my Italian would sound better in a Fiat 500 too.

16. I’d brush up on my Italian while listening to this in the Fiat 500. Si.

17. Has Fiat 500 ever donated a car (or given a big discount) to a blogger? We could make history together.

18. The size is perfect. I need a car to fit me, my purse, my MacBook and maybe a few groceries.

19. How much Nutella could fit into the trunk of the Fiat 500? I’m willing to find out.

20. Why should Oprah be the only person who gives away cars?

photo by Jordana

21. Check out the rims.

22. Mackenzie, a White Cabana contributor, is eager to be my first passenger.

23. I have two nephews who are the perfect sizes to ride as backseat passengers in the Fiat 500.

24. How much pasta (I’m partial to De Cecco) could fit into the trunk of the Fiat 500? I’m willing to find out.

25. I already follow Fiat 500 Canada on Twitter. They follow me too. Yay!

26. I don’t want to be yet another person who drives a Honda Civic.

27. I’m already planning my driving outfits.

28. I already have a few pairs of leather driving gloves.

29. It’s almost my birthday.

30. It’s almost Christmas. Kind of.

31. I’ve already taken several photos of me and various Fiats.

32. I’ve driven various Fiats in Europe.

33. I haven’t driven any type of Fiat car in Canada.

34. I know that un’automobile means car in Italian.

35. Una macchina also means car in Italian.

36. I also know that le chiavi means keys in Italian.

37. I already own Italian shoes, Italian purses, and Italian clothes. Now I think I need an Italian car.

38. I know how to make an espresso using this machine (I’m partial to Bialetti).

39. My dad has a Vespa. I’m jealous.

40. My uncle approves of the Fiat 500.

photo by Conanil

41. It looks good in the snow. And it drives fine in the snow too.

42. I’ll sleep better at night knowing that I have a Fiat 500.

43. I could add photos to this Flickr group. And this one.

44. It’s an everyday masterpiece.

45. Why does The Sartorialist (Scott Schuman) get to have all the fun?

46. This song would sound better in a Fiat 500.

47. I already follow Fiat Italia on Twitter.

48. I know that Fiat was founded in Torino, Italy.

49. Kyle traded one red paperclip for a house. I’m willing to trade one white paperclip for a Fiat 500.

50. I would put the Fiat 500 on Skype so my relatives in Italy could see me with it.

51. We need more Fiats on the road, don’t we?

52. My two favourite words in Italian are ufficio (office) and casino (no amazing direct translation but basically means a mess). I would throw these words into as many conversations as possible while driving the Fiat 500.

53. Who needs a Ferrari when you’ve got a Fiat 500?

54. Fiat is the best four letter word around.

55. The Fiat 500 would be so easy to park in my small parking space in my apartment building.

56. Have I mentioned how cute it is?

57. I would definitely listen to this song in the Fiat 500. Even though I’m Canadian.

58. People would be happy to stop hearing me talk about how much I want a Fiat.

59. The Fiat 500 is cuter than the Mini Cooper.

60. How beautiful is the interior of the Fiat 500?

Fiat 500 Interior via Fiat 500 Canada

61. The interior has the White Cabana stamp of approval.

62. So does the exterior. Of course!

63. I could join the Fiat club every Thursday at La Paloma in Woodbridge, Ontario. Thanks to my uncle and Maranello Fiat for telling me about this weekly party.

64. My pilates mat fits nicely in the trunk.

65. I would keep my latte – or iced latte – in this Fiat tumbler.

66. I’d probably hang white dice in the mirror. It’s kind of a tradition with me.

67. I could post a photo of me and my Fiat 500 on my Facebook profile.

68. FIAT is a great four-letter word. Possibly the best.

69. I would be happy to add a new key to my keychain.

70. It’s new.

71. I could blog about my happy car adventures.

72. I would write letters about my Fiat and mail them to my friends.

73. I would put a photo of me and my Fiat 500 on my Christmas cards.

74. Why should Europeans have all the Fiat fun?

75. I would use the #Fiat500 hashtag with pride.

76. Some people think you need a big car to carry around all your gear. The Fiat 500 manages just fine. Check out this Fiat 500 ski rack. I don’t ski but still.

77. Many not be the speediest car but it’s delightful. Watch this MotorTrend test drive video.

78. It would be fun to drive the Fiat 500 to the beach this summer.

79. What’s old is new again.

80. Even the engine parts look good in the Fiat 500.

This is what makes the Fiat 500 go. I think. Photo via Fiat 500 Canada.

81. I would take photos of it.

82. I would ask other people to take photos of me in it.

83. There’s even a Fiat 500 keychain.

84. I would drive it to the beach.

85. Maybe I could take it to a drive-in.

86. I would give it a name. Who names their cars? Anyone?

87. I could probably use this to keep the interior clean.

88. Four-door cars are over-rated.

89. It has a CD player. (I’m still working with a tape deck in my current car.)

90. I follow Fiat USA on Twitter. Don’t you?

91. The Fiat 500 has seven airbags. Safety is key.


92. I would draw a picture of my Fiat 500.

93. The power door locks work well.

94. The power windows do too.

95. My license plate would look good on a Fiat 500.

96. I have my driver’s license. Of course!

97. I would tweet about the Fiat 500 every day.

98. I’m pretty sure that if someone donated a Fiat 500 to me, it would make the news. That would be fun, right?

99. I think Caroline (from Paloma’s Nest) and I would be happy to make a commercial for Fiat.

100. It looks good – even in the rain.

Obsessed with FIAT

Well, if you’ve been following me on Twitter then you are already aware of my new found obsession with the FIAT 500. (Thanks to Caroline from Paloma’s Nest for getting this obsession going.)

Now, let’s be honest, I’m not really into cars. I don’t really like learning about them, I don’t remember makes/brands/model numbers and as far as car maintenance goes, well, let’s just say that I’ve got car washes under control.

I currently drive a Jeep and it’s the only car I’ve ever had. I really, really, really love it. But, now it’s getting old and it might just be time for me to invest in something smaller and more efficient.

In comes the FIAT 500.

FIAT 500 Pop

FIAT 500 Sport

FIAT 500 Lounge

The FIAT 500 made its début in North America just a few months ago. Founded in Torino, Italy, FIAT has been designing and manufacturing stylish and efficient cars since 1900. The concept behind FIAT was to design a car as beautiful as the hills, towns, and coasts it was built to explore. In 1957, the Nuova (new) 500 was marketed as a city car. Dante Giacosa, its designer, described it as a scooter with a roof. In 1972, the last model in the 500 series was made and production ended in 1975.

A vintage FIAT in Abruzzo, Italy; photo by Jordana

Now, after over 35 years since production of the original 500 ended, FIAT has brought a new and improved version to North America. Hip hip!

This zipity zip car just might work for me. The differences between the three models (Pop, Sport, & Lounge) don’t look to be much of a big deal (for my untrained eye, anyway) so I’d be happy with any of the three. I’ve rented Fiat cars on many occasions in Europe so I already know I like driving them. Not only that, it’s Italian. Need I say more?

FIAT rental cars in Italy and the Canary Islands (1. Panda, 2. Panda, 3. Punto; parallel parking is so easy!)

Me: The Happy Driver

If I do ever get a FIAT 500, I’d obviously have to get all the accessories to match! How perfect that this car company loves white just as much as I do! I think it might be a match made in car heaven.

First, I would get a tumbler for my latte. There are cup holders galore in this little car so maybe I’d have to get two – to treat my passengers to an authentic Italian beverage.

Ceramic tumbler, $18.95

I would use the FIAT pen to write down my grocery lists and driving directions.

FIAT Mokina ballpoint pen, $150.95

I’ll need this tote for my groceries. Wouldn’t my pasta, tomatoes and basil look good in it?

tote, $12.95

The super white FIAT watch (and the FIAT 500 car) would get me to meetings and appointments on time.

FIAT slap on watch, $24.95

Although I don’t need cuff links, I would have to get them just because they’re extra cute. I’d probably make some sort of DIY project out of them. Maybe.

FIAT 500 cuff links, $69.95

I’ll need the FIAT wallet for gas money. That’s just a given.

FIAT 500 wallet, $124.95

Now onto wardrobe. Well, first I would get some sort of cool driving gloves (but FIAT doesn’t make any). Then I would put some of the Fiat clothing into rotation – to make me feel like a hip Italian race car driver, of course.

FIAT Technical sweatshirt, $99.95

FIAT technical jacket, $174.95

And for my wee little nephews who will be passengers while I’m on babysitting duty, I would give them each one of these:

FIAT infant body suit, $12.95

So what’s stopping me? Well, it’s a major purchase. Major price tag. Major decision. Oh – and it still makes me sad to think about giving up my Jeep.

If you understand Italian, you might enjoy the videos and additional information provided on the FIAT Italy website.

In some countries (but not Canada), the 500 by Gucci is available for pre-order (if you can manage to get on the Priority List). It’s sleek and black. Click here to learn more.

For a review of the FIAT 500 from someone more experiences than me, click here.

Photos of FIAT Pop, Sport & Lounge, and FIAT merchandise courtesy of FIAT USA.