Obsessed with FIAT

Well, if you’ve been following me on Twitter then you are already aware of my new found obsession with the FIAT 500. (Thanks to Caroline from Paloma’s Nest for getting this obsession going.)

Now, let’s be honest, I’m not really into cars. I don’t really like learning about them, I don’t remember makes/brands/model numbers and as far as car maintenance goes, well, let’s just say that I’ve got car washes under control.

I currently drive a Jeep and it’s the only car I’ve ever had. I really, really, really love it. But, now it’s getting old and it might just be time for me to invest in something smaller and more efficient.

In comes the FIAT 500.

FIAT 500 Pop

FIAT 500 Sport

FIAT 500 Lounge

The FIAT 500 made its début in North America just a few months ago. Founded in Torino, Italy, FIAT has been designing and manufacturing stylish and efficient cars since 1900. The concept behind FIAT was to design a car as beautiful as the hills, towns, and coasts it was built to explore. In 1957, the Nuova (new) 500 was marketed as a city car. Dante Giacosa, its designer, described it as a scooter with a roof. In 1972, the last model in the 500 series was made and production ended in 1975.

A vintage FIAT in Abruzzo, Italy; photo by Jordana

Now, after over 35 years since production of the original 500 ended, FIAT has brought a new and improved version to North America. Hip hip!

This zipity zip car just might work for me. The differences between the three models (Pop, Sport, & Lounge) don’t look to be much of a big deal (for my untrained eye, anyway) so I’d be happy with any of the three. I’ve rented Fiat cars on many occasions in Europe so I already know I like driving them. Not only that, it’s Italian. Need I say more?

FIAT rental cars in Italy and the Canary Islands (1. Panda, 2. Panda, 3. Punto; parallel parking is so easy!)

Me: The Happy Driver

If I do ever get a FIAT 500, I’d obviously have to get all the accessories to match! How perfect that this car company loves white just as much as I do! I think it might be a match made in car heaven.

First, I would get a tumbler for my latte. There are cup holders galore in this little car so maybe I’d have to get two – to treat my passengers to an authentic Italian beverage.

Ceramic tumbler, $18.95

I would use the FIAT pen to write down my grocery lists and driving directions.

FIAT Mokina ballpoint pen, $150.95

I’ll need this tote for my groceries. Wouldn’t my pasta, tomatoes and basil look good in it?

tote, $12.95

The super white FIAT watch (and the FIAT 500 car) would get me to meetings and appointments on time.

FIAT slap on watch, $24.95

Although I don’t need cuff links, I would have to get them just because they’re extra cute. I’d probably make some sort of DIY project out of them. Maybe.

FIAT 500 cuff links, $69.95

I’ll need the FIAT wallet for gas money. That’s just a given.

FIAT 500 wallet, $124.95

Now onto wardrobe. Well, first I would get some sort of cool driving gloves (but FIAT doesn’t make any). Then I would put some of the Fiat clothing into rotation – to make me feel like a hip Italian race car driver, of course.

FIAT Technical sweatshirt, $99.95

FIAT technical jacket, $174.95

And for my wee little nephews who will be passengers while I’m on babysitting duty, I would give them each one of these:

FIAT infant body suit, $12.95

So what’s stopping me? Well, it’s a major purchase. Major price tag. Major decision. Oh – and it still makes me sad to think about giving up my Jeep.

If you understand Italian, you might enjoy the videos and additional information provided on the FIAT Italy website.

In some countries (but not Canada), the 500 by Gucci is available for pre-order (if you can manage to get on the Priority List). It’s sleek and black. Click here to learn more.

For a review of the FIAT 500 from someone more experiences than me, click here.

Photos of FIAT Pop, Sport & Lounge, and FIAT merchandise courtesy of FIAT USA.


  1. Shannon May 26, 2011

    Jordana, you drove those cars around the Canary Islands like a champ! That parallel parking job was beautifully executed! Thanks for the trip down memory lane!

  2. Silvia May 26, 2011

    Jordana, take the plunge and buy one!
    You would look so chic and stylish driving one of those – just like White Cabana!
    Must be cost effective when it comes to gas prices!

    • Jordana May 26, 2011

      Oh my goodness – it’s the price tag that’s off-putting. Such a major purchase! And you know I’m not so great at decisions! And yes, from what I’ve read, it does well on the whole gas issue. Thanks for the support!
      p.s. I think I would look chic & stylish too – for the record. I’ll try to go for a test drive soon – and report on it here!

  3. escapade May 27, 2011

    Dream car! Get it! (+ then give me a ride 🙂 )
    I’ve been lusting after one of these adorable little beauties forever. I’m pretty tiny so I’ve always thought they’d be a perfect fit. My hubby is 6’4″ though, so he may not be able to come along (although this could spare me all of his annoying backseat driving – a hidden bonus 🙂 )

  4. kim sutherland December 15, 2012

    I bought one this year!! I love it so much. You should get one, replace the Jeep you won’t be sorry. Let me see if I can put a photo on my blog for you to see.


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