Design: The Hanging Chair

Aren’t these outdoor spaces just so inviting? How much would you love to swing your day away in one of these hanging chairs?

via Sarah Sherman Samuel

source unknown

via Home Beautiful

Hannah Blackmore

Magnolia House, Byron Bay, Australia via Air BnB









Architecture: London, Ontario

Okay – it’s time to take a break from all these beautyrelated posts I’ve been writing. Let’s get back to design and architecture! I’m taking you to London, Ontario today…

When I first moved from Toronto to London four years ago, I have to admit that I really didn’t like it. It’s not that I’m one of those “Toronto is the center of the universe” people but I didn’t really get a great vibe from the city and I found it really hard to meet people. Fast forward 4 years and I now find myself really enjoying my time here. I love that I live in the downtown core – close to independent shops and cafés, and there certainly are a lot of interesting things to see.

The architecture of the houses in my neighbourhood continue to surprise me. The houses that have obviously been well-taken care of have amazing details. Even the not so well-loved houses have great architectural details and I like to imagine who has lived in them and what stories each house might have to share.

Like I said in my last post about London architecture, many of the original houses in the city are made of yellow or red brick. I think they look equally striking in black and white.

houses in London, Ontario

Photos by me using my iPhone and the Camera+ app.

The Friday Five: Boston Architecture

As Johanne pointed out earlier this week, I’ve recently gone on a bit of a tour of cities. My week of travel included a visit to Boston and, as always, I was on the lookout for white. While many of the buildings in this friendly city are constructed of red-brick, I did spot several beautiful white structures as I went about my explorations. Here are five white structures that caught my eye.

building with rounded corner on Huntington Ave.

mostly straight with a bit of curve, The Midtown Hotel on Huntington Ave.

This was the only white building I saw on the Harvard campus. Are there others?

Two Center Plaza – more curves hereon Cambridge St.

pretty doorway on Park St.

As you can see, Boston did not let me down. And red as an accent colour – I can probably approve that!

Photos by Jordana.

The Friday Five: Windows of Fredericton

If you’ve been reading White Cabana for a while then you will have noticed my fascination with white doors. On my recent trip to Fredericton, however, I was struck by the number of windows, not doors, on buildings around the downtown core and at the University of New Brunswick. This architectural detail really allows for maximum exposure to the beautiful outdoors.

a wall of windows at a Fredericton home

Fredericton Convention Centre

sunroom windows on a Fredericton home

plenty of windows at the University of New Brunswick

Currie Center at the University of New Brunswick

I hope you enjoyed this week in Fredericton. Wishing you all a wonderful weekend.

Photos by Jordana.

Fredericton, NB: Architecture

I was in Fredericton, New Brunswick last week and had a great time both working and touring. If you’re planning a trip to Fredericton, stay tuned to White Cabana this week as I’ll be sharing with you some highlights from my trip.

I thought I’d start the week off with some photos of the architectural details on homes and buildings in Fredericton.

Photos by Jordana.