Scherenschnitte: Scissor Cuts

I received such a nice card in the mail a little while ago (thanks Shannon). Isn’t it pretty? I love how the orange pops through the background.

I also recently received this paper cut wedding invite (thanks Celina & Wojciech).

These cards reminds me of a some paper cutting artwork that my friend Shannon and I attempted a couple of years ago. We made these pieces (not our original designs) after many hours of drawing and cutting.

Scherenschnitte by Shannon & Jordana; photos by Jordana

Shannon and I always use the word Scherenschnitte, which means scissor cuts in German, to refer to the art of paper cutting because it was while living in Switzerland that we first learned about and attempted it ourselves. Although neither one of us have done any more Scherenschnitte, we do have a great appreciation for those that do as we learned that this art form takes precision, creativity, and a lot of patience.

Polka Dots at Sugar Paper

Sugar Paper makes the most beautiful letterpress stationary. I’m smitten. I love so many of their designs but I’ve decided to feature some of their polka dots in keeping with this post on Fashion in Motion.

Black Label Carriage note set, $36 set of 10 cards & envelopes, Sugar Paper

Gold dot coaster, $24 set of 15, Sugar Paper

Custom design social stationery, Sugar Paper

And isn’t this such an elegant letter opener?

Signature letter opener, silver plated, $52, Sugar Paper

If you want to learn more about letterpress have a peek at the “Behind the Scenes” video at Sugar Paper.

p.s. High Gloss is currently hosting a Sugar Paper giveaway. Hooray!

Images courtesy of Sugar Paper.

The Friday Five: Birthday Edition

Happy Friday! I hope you’re all looking forward to a most fabulous weekend. I’ll be celebrating my birthday (yay!) in Paris (extra yay!) so you can imagine how excited I am feeling right now. Before I head out, here’s a very white birthday edition of the Friday Five.

A champagne toast via Real Simple

A big oui for brie and baguettes via This is Glamorous

Cake to share with friends and family via Real Simple

Make a wish upon a star, Moravian Stars, $13.50, Upon A Fold

Gift tags, set of 3, $3, Venerate


Oh – and please don’t forget to enter the CSN giveaway! Today is the final day to enter.¬†More details¬†can be found¬†here.

 Images courtesy of Real Simple, This is Glamorous, Upon a Fold,Venerate.