The Monarch Stool

Yet another wonder of 3-D printing: behold the Monarch Stool by Finnish designer Janne Kyttanen, winner of the Best Newcomer Award, the Red Dot Design Award 2005, the Best New Exhibitor Award, and numerous others.

These glass-filled polyamide stools are strong despite their delicate appearance and mesh butterflies with open weave.



Image credit: Freedom of Creation

3D sound

Happy new year everyone!

Just as I was thinking over the holidays, Yes, 3D printers would be great for creating vinyl records, TA-DA!

3D printed record by Amanda Ghassaei

Amanda Ghassaei has been tinkering with a 3D printer and created a method for converting digital audio files into printable 3D vinyl records. You can read more about her research and process via the link above.

Although the sound quality is not quite right yet, Amanda’s work is really good news for us audiophiles who have gone back to vinyl after a few detoured decades via cassette tapes and CDs. It’s about time I hear of a use for 3D printers that doesn’t feel bizarre!

What’s your take on 3D printing?