The Friday Five: White Pyjama Sets

I absolutely love pyjama sets. I’ve been wearing them for years. I’m always on the lookout for affordable versions, and when I see them, I scoop them up. Even if I already have enough in my drawers. Can you relate? Some of the jammies I spy online and in stores are just so beautiful –

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2016: Some Highlights

Yesterday, I gave a massive shout-out to all the brands I have been fortunate to work with in 2016. Several collaborations were the result of years-long relationships, and others were brand new experiences for which I am very grateful. Today, I wanted to share some highlights from the year. Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation: Because of

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The Friday Five: Browsing Around Etsy

Etsy sellers have so many cool things to offer, wouldn’t you agree? Here’s some of the neat things I’ve come across in my recent browse session. George Costanza mug Sculpture in Design – ceramic dish set Craftsman Stoneworks – carrara marble card holder Curio Press – pencils Natalie’s Wunderland – white evil eye bracelet Note:

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