Marketplace: Advent Calendars

What are your holiday traditions when it comes to advent calendars? Are you a classic chocolate lover? Do you opt for something else for you and/or your loved ones? I usually pick up a delicious chocolate calendar when I see something that looks delicious. The variety of calendars available in the marketplace seems to have exploded in the last several years. Now, there are calendars with beauty products, food items, ornaments, toys, and more!

Here are eight advent calendars that look unique. The Chanel calendar is quite the luxurious splurge at $825USD!


  1. Tina B November 10, 2021

    My sister has gotten the David’s Tea one for the last few years and loves it! I used to buy just a basic/cheap chocolate one, but have “splurged” (not Chanel splurged ha ha) on the Lindor one for the last couple of years.

    • Jordana November 11, 2021

      I love your “splurge,” Tina! I’m in that category, too. I have picked up Lindt or Godiva calendars for the last few years. I’ve got my eye on the Rheo Thompson (out of Stratford) this year.


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