The Friday Five: Advent Calendars

Well, okay, tomorrow is December 1st so I guess it’s appropriate to start the Christmas countdown. When I was growing up the only advent calendars that I ever had were of the chocolate variety – yum! Has an advent calendar been part of your Christmas tradition? Have you crafted one this year or do you have a store bought one?

via A Few Things from My Life

DIY advent calendar by Muffins in my Backpack

advent calendar votive set, $168, terrain

advent calendar, (sold), Pi’Lo

advent calendar by Charm Stitch

Have a wonderful weekend and enjoy a wonderful beginning to December!

More advent calendar ideas here. Many thanks to Boba for sending me photo #1.


  1. Laura November 30, 2012

    Thank you for including my advent calendar. I see that it fits right in with your beautiful white theme.

  2. shannon December 2, 2012

    We are doing the chocolate one and a story time one

    I think advent calendars are getting out of hand! I mean, lovely, if you have a bunch a free time…but these projects don’t really look like they are for the kids…more likely for us readers…


    I feel better…that was starting to get to me!


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