Comment: What do you know about world news?

Do you keep up with the news? Watch it daily? Do you follow local news? World news? What do you do to stay informed?

I stay informed of world news through my friends and my Twitter feed. My friend Tim loves to tease me about not staying more informed on daily happenings around the world. He’s ready to discuss politics and world news at every moment. Sometimes our conversations start by him giving me the short version of the news that has happened (that I have missed or ignored) since the last time we chatted. Is this problematic? He always encourages me to stay more informed, but I admit that depressing world news is not my cup of tea.

I like to stay informed about local politics – elections, transit issues, community news. I always vote. I read up on Canadian federal election issues. I generally know what’s happening around the world, but it’s very surface-level. I read enough so that I know what my economics students are discussing. I encourage them to stay informed, read up on issues that they’re passionate about, and use their right to vote.

That said, in terms of global politics, I only have so much brain capacity for Trump news, so I ignore a lot of it.

Is this so wrong?

What about you?

I’m curious. How do you keep up with the news? What news outlets do you read/listen to? Do you and your friends discuss world issues and politics regularly?

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