The Friday Five: Things on My Mind

1. Art in Waterloo. I had quite the art-filled week in Waterloo last week. I saw jazz at TWH Social, Barry Ace‘s exhibit at the Robert Langen Art Gallery, and the KW Symphony at the Centre in the Square. On top of this, I had a tour of Google Waterloo, which was full of awesome design details. For a small(ish) region, Waterloo has much to offer those keen about the arts.

2. Netflix. I watched The Age of Adaline recently It stars Blake Lively as a woman who never ages. There is, as per the romantic movie genre, a love story, too. Beyond the story and the acting, I enjoyed the moody decor and the fashion across eras.

3. News. I am very interested in the #CollegeCheatingScandal, and I am tuning into Twitter every day to see what people have to say about it. I have many degrees as you know (professional student!), and I teach at a university, so this news is definitely of interest to me. Too bad people don’t use all their extra money to do some good in the world. Too bad.

4. Work. I learn so much from my students. It’s pretty amazing all the things they’re interested in and all that they research. This week, they shared research they’ve done about bitcoin, marijuana, and Uber (just to name a few of the broad topics).

5. Weeknight entertaining. I generally save my entertaining to the weekend, but for some friends, weeknights work best, so this week, I whipped up some bruschetta, created a charcuterie plate, and ordered Thai food. It was easy, low-key entertaining, and it was nice to spend time with friends without having to worry about a full dinner prep and clean-up on a weeknight. I think I’ll do it again as it was a nice way to break up the week.

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