En Français: 5 French Clothing Brands To Know

It’s French week here on White Cabana. What does this mean exactly? Well, I’m writing about French fashion, food, and design every day this week. Great idea, right? Oui! If you’re anything like me, then you’ll appreciate the fine French beauty that comes with each of these categories.

So today I’m sharing some French clothing brands (minus one jewelry brand) that you may/may not have seen in your online and real-life travels. I’m featuring the more affordable side of France rather than the luxury brands that you may associate with France – like Louis Vuitton, Chanel, Goyard, Longchamp, and Hermes.

On y va? Shall we get started?

Sézane seems to be a new favourite among New Yorkers as much as it is with French women. And perhaps others world-wide, too. As for me? While I have yet to experience Sézane up-close, from afar, I appreciate the delicate details of the company’s collection each season.

Étam has been one of my stops during every trip I’ve ever taken to Paris. I love the price points and the commitment to bringing on-trend items to the marketpace. They have the prettiest lingerie sets, and the company’s loungewear and sleepwear are sweet.

Princess Tam Tam is another shop to stop into on any trip to France if you’re looking for more cute pyjama sets or underthings.

Agatha is the place to go to if you’re shopping for some jewelry. Many years ago, my mom bought me a classic silver bangle from here, and I continue to wear it nearly daily. It reminds me of our time together touring Paris. The Scottie is Agatha’s mascot, so there are many pieces with it on them. And, yes, I know Agatha doesn’t fit into the clothing category, but let’s be a touch flexible with the rules, shall we?

Comptoir des Cotonniers always has a perfect-for-me collection of easy to wear, classic pieces for work and leisure.

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