Christmas: 16 Holiday Wreaths

Do you have a Christmas wreath tradition? Do you place one on your front door? Or on interior doors?

I have used an artificial green pine wreath on my front door for years. Since it’s plain, I switch up its decoration. For years, I used white pompoms. Recently, I’ve added a large, red bow. I’m not sure what I’m going to do with it this year, so I’ve had a browse around for inspiration – to either add to my existing wreath or to consider a new option.

Here are 16 wreaths that would definitely bring a festive feeling indoors or out.

Kotinos wall wreath, $325CAD; Olea wreath, $125USD; lily of the valley wreath on stand, $185USD; golden lilies wreath, $58.95USD (on sale); golden wreath, $34.65CAD; glitter wreath, $32USD (on sale)

mini cone wreath, $28USD; starburst cone wreath, $38USD; double twig wreath, $98USD; pinecone wreath, $62CAD; pinecone wreath, $65.99CAD

frosty asparagus wreath, $68USD; wild cotton wreath, $98USD; glittered wreath, $101CAD; mixed berry wreath, $34.65CAD; artificial flocked pine wreath, $69.95USD

What is your favourite of this bunch? I’m leaning toward the Olea wreath and the wild cotton wreath.

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