Marketplace: Fingers Crossed

Here’s a perfectly appropriate objet considering the fact that my exams are now over (over! over! over!). I’m now hoping for a decent result on my economics final*.

fingers-crossed-silver-Noirfingers crossed, Noir

*Confession: I haven’t been this close to failing a course since first year calculus years and years ago. My ego is hurtin’. On the plus side, if anyone wants to learn about economics, I discovered Mr. Clifford’s YouTube channel, and his videos definitely helped me learn.


  1. Casey @waffling December 10, 2015

    econ is a toughie! I took about 5 courses of it in university and I remember crying after one exam!! Good luck!

  2. Rox-Anne December 10, 2015

    I’ve got my fingers crossed for you too! Hoping it all works out love xx


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