Design: White Paired with Refined Antiques

I feel like the next pieces of furniture I invest in are going to be more on the refined side. For a while now, I’ve been wanting to incorporate some traditional refined wood pieces into my home. I adore the contrast between modern, minimalist white and delicate, intricate antiques. This is sort of what I’m talking about:

Bathroom+Furniture+PB4 via

I’m on the lookout for great deals (obviously), so this design plan may take some time…


  1. Silvia delrosso October 29, 2015

    Very elegant and formal setting.

  2. celebratingthislife October 30, 2015

    All my design plans take some time. Every time I find something great that I want, like this week I found some great rugs and lighting for my kitchen at Lowe’s, I go and book a vacation! Last night we finally bought our flights to go visit my family in Wales and Scotland with a few days exploring England. So, all home design is on the back burner for now unless is comes from kijiji! 😀

    • Jordana October 30, 2015

      You booked your trip! AWESOME!!! Travel takes priority over updating rugs…most definitely!


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