Art: Watercolours

Like many other design bloggers, I’m keen on original art. My current collection is made up mostly of did-it-myself. I like painting on big canvases with acrylic paints, but I’m thinking I need to try some new things with paint. An experiment with watercolours might be fun. I doubt I can create anything as nice as the pieces below but it might be worth a try and I have no doubt that the experience would be fun.


Indigo Cactus, The Aestate; print, $61


Popcorn, Kendyll Hillegas; print, $20


Turkey Feathers, Amber Alexander; print, $20


Striped Stones, Naturalist at Heart; print, $19.10


set of four watercolours; Sarah Swanson, $40


I am Blown Away by your Love, Kelly Bermudez; print, $20


T-Rex, Geometric Ink; original, $30

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