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Now that my living room has been painted, new blinds have been installed, and new furniture has made it into the space, I’m now in the market for some accessories. Namely, blankets. We have about 3 more months of winter which means…brr…we have a few more months of chilly weather. My existing blankets are brown (that go very well with my teak furniture) but I think a light grey or cream would look much better with the Ikat pillows that I have on my couch. Since I can’t afford a gorgeous Hermès blanket (oh so pricey!), I’ve set my sights on some more affordable options.


hand-loomed silk throw – diamond check, $112.64, West Elm


chunky tassel throw, $45.50, West Elm


chain lock throw, $78.51, West Elm


faux fur throw, $135.39, West Elm


Jacquard throw, $99.90, Zara Home


simple cable-knit throw, $59.90, Zara Home


wool throw with border, $119.00, Zara Home


woven throw, $49.95, H&M


faux fur throw, $69.95, H&M

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