Uptown: The To Do List

Happy Monday! I hope you all had a wonderful weekend. I enjoyed a weekend of shopping for quartz, shopping for couches, creating to do lists, and prepping for my dissertation defense (8 days!). I also had a few visits with friends and family which was nice. It was a full and happy weekend!

I have lot of projects planned for my townhouse but they have different priority levels.

At the top of my to do list are:

– change all the door locks to these Schlage locks
– remove wallpaper in all three bathrooms – one left!
– choose a paint colour
– paint the whole house white (the walls are currently brown, beige, burgundy, pink, and green)
plant hostas
– install a new vanity in the powder room and upstairs bathroom & install these gorgeous Delta faucets
– install a screen door off the kitchen so that I can open the door to the deck without letting in all the bugs
buy a Ficus plant (Okay, this wasn’t really a priority but sometimes it feels satisfying to add something to the list just to cross it off!)
– break the big wall down that exists between the living room and dining room
– break the small wall down that exists in my kitchen
– patch up the walls after so much destruction
– change all the light fixtures (I started with this one)
buy a new couch (looking at these ones) (Breaking news: I bought a couch yesterday…after I prepped this post!)
– install new kitchen countertops
– install a shower in the basement bathroom (once I figure out how to reconfigure the space so it is more efficient)
buy tiles for backsplash & install backsplash
– find a plumber in Kitchener-Waterloo
– find a drywaller in Kitchener-Waterloo

Other projects that I’ll be tackling over the next few months include:

– replace all the electrical outlets and plate covers to white (I have about 5 different varieties around the house and they are making me crazy!)
– install new bathroom fans
– reupholster my teak arm chairs for the living room
– refinish my Eames dining room chairs
– replace ventilation fans in bathrooms
– create a better functioning laundry room
– find a sweet round kitchen table to replace my square one
– plan a better patio space

I hope you’re all still interested in following along with the progress updates.

Happy Monday!

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