Design: The Sofa Search

I’m in the market for a new sofa*. I think I know which one I really really want (insert Spice Girls song) but it’s hard to pull the trigger because the price tag is much higher than the last two sofas I bought**. While I hunt for a cheaper version, I thought I’d round-up some lovely sofa options.

Dominique Sofa Elte

Elte Dominique sofa


Ethan Allen Marley sofa


Ikea Karlstad sofa

Gus-Modern-Richmond Sofa

Gus* Modern Richmond sofa


Curations sofa


Style Garage Club sofa


Decorium Banks sofa


Lee Industries two cushion sofa


Brentwood Classics Raleigh sofa


Crate & Barrel Petrie sofa


West Elm Dunham sofa

While I love the retro style of Crate & Barrel’s Petrie and Gus* Modern’s Richmond sofas I think I am leaning toward something more traditional. I think it’ll be nice to mix something classic with my existing mid-century teak pieces. The more that I think about it I am also leaning toward down-filled cushions as I think they are incredibly comfortable and they remind me of the sofa my parents had when I was growing up. As far as colours go…well, white is obviously a top contender but so is off-white and some sort of grey. Before I make any decisions I should probably go out and sit on some of these sofas, shouldn’t I?

*I gave away my very comfortable sofa for free on Kijiji to someone who needed it more than I did.

**I bought my first retro sofa-bed on Ebay. I bought my second sofa at a vintage shop. They were both cheap.