Art & Design: New Use for Urinals at the Sheraton Toronto

I was at a conference at the Sheraton Toronto last weekend and I got an unexpected surprise when I walked into one of the women’s bathrooms.

plant holders in the women’s bathroom at the Toronto Sheraton

I laughed when I saw how the Sheraton transformed (or tried to disguise?) the urinals (yes, in the women’s bathroom). While I didn’t ask anyone about this particular design choice, I imagine that the men’s bathroom was converted to a women’s bathroom for the purposes of the conference (women’s bathrooms always have long lines, or haven’t you noticed?). Whatever the reasons, I found this setup particularly amusing!


  1. Shannon8footsix November 15, 2012

    Ha ha ha ha ha ha!
    this is brilliant!

    • WhiteCabana November 19, 2012

      Agreed! I think there were only a few people in there at the time and I really just couldn’t stop laughing. It didn’t seem to phase anyone else. Weird.

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  3. Home Improvement October 29, 2013

    Now that is going green!

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