20 Below: Nanoblock

I’m not entirely sure if and how Nanoblock is related to Lego (can anyone with kids explain this to me?) but when I saw this white terrier at Chapters-Indigo, it made me laugh. And then it reminded me of all the things I used to create with my Lego blocks when I was little (a house was my favourite – go figure!).

Nanoblock white terrier, $11.95

I know kids still play with Lego but do they create their own sculptures or is everything already pre-built for them?


  1. Anthony November 16, 2012

    I love Nanoblocks. I have built about 8 of the kits and found them fun, challenging, and pretty cool when they are finished, I have had a few kits sent to me from Japan, and they were really cool. I have written a little bit about them at my blog–jackofallhobby.blogspot.ca Please check it out to see the nanoblocks and other cool hobby stuff.

    • WhiteCabana November 19, 2012

      Very cool. Thanks for sharing your opinion Anthony!


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