The Friday Five: London Architecture

The arrival of the sunny warm weather in the last few weeks has meant that I have been spending a lot more time outside. On my walks around the neighbourhood I have begun to really notice the amazing architectural features of the buildings around me. I have started to bring along my camera and I have been snapping away. With all the traveling I have done these last couple of months, it feels really good to shine the spotlight on some local gems for a change.

architectural details in London, Ontario

Photos by Jordana.


  1. Anu Raina June 4, 2012

    Would love to buy the first one or the last one….so lovely

    • Jordana June 4, 2012

      Hi Anu!
      The first one is a business (or a collection of offices). And the last one is absolutely gorgeous! It has beautiful landscaping and the shape is just lovely from the outside. The property is pretty darn perfect.

  2. Rossco June 28, 2012

    How did you choose these – you seem to like older homes? What do you think about more modern homes in London? For example:

    • Jordana June 29, 2012

      Thanks for your comment Rossco. I appreciate what both traditional and modern homes have to offer. There aren’t many modern houses in the downtown core and I snapped these photos while I was out for walks. I think the intricate woodwork is beautiful and I’m amazed at the craftsmanship of these buildings. Thanks for sending the link to Skinner Architects. I have had a browse through and I’m definitely impressed. I have passed by that Baseline Rd. house numerous times and I also want to stop and take a photo but I haven’t yet managed to (I didn’t know it was a Skinner design). So yeah, thanks for pointing me in the direction of some modern buildings. I’m going to continue to explore…definitely.


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