Lighting: This & That

The globe cluster light posts outside of Quincy Market in Boston…

light post at Quincy Market, Boston (photo by Jordana)

remind me of this Castiglioni chandelier…

Achille Castiglioni “Taraxacum 88” chandelier, $3,250, Caviar20

Does anyone know who designed the Quincy Market lights?


  1. Shannon8foot6 April 1, 2012

    My sister in law’s mom has the raddest bubble light. Sitting in a very conservative/trad room. We want to scoop it!

    • Jordana April 1, 2012

      Oooh…you’re just going to have to convince her to part with it Shannon. Just promise you’ll keep it safe in your house and that she can visit it any time. Oh – and maybe bake her some cookies to help with the sweet talking strategy!


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