20 Below: IKEA Family

On my most recent trip to IKEA (dinner date with my dad!) I joined the IKEA Family. To tell you the truth, I always considered myself part of the family because I’ve been a life-long fan. But now it’s official. And I have a card to prove it.

IKEA coffee and IKEA Family card, free, photo by Jordana

One of the main benefits of becoming part of the family is the exclusive access to special discounts on products. Members also get a free coffee at the IKEA restaurant…and if you’re anything like me, no trip to IKEA is complete without a coffee break. Oh – and membership is free!

(Please note: I can’t seem to find the IKEA Family website for Canada or the USA. If you have the direct link, please post it in the comments. Thanks!)


  1. Tim March 6, 2012

    IKEA FAMILY USA – http://www.IKEA-USA.com/FAMILY
    IKEA FAMILY Canada – http://www.IKEA.ca/FAMILY

    • Jordana March 6, 2012

      Awesome. Thanks so much Tim.

  2. Glad you’re officially part of the family now Jordana. To visit the official online website of live from IKEA FAMILY magazine, join up with us at http://ikeafamilylive.com and you can become a fan of Facebook too: http://facebook.com/ikeafamilylive

    Thanks for taking the time to write a post about your recent sign-up!


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