Fashion: Ugg Boots

Winter is shortly on its way and what better way to be prepared than to get a pair of Ugg boots, white Ugg boots! Fight the snow in style.

Adirondack Boot II, $298

Mountain quilted short, $235

Images courtesy of Ugg Australia.


  1. daniela December 8, 2011

    I am awaiting my very first “adirondack” ugg boots–but I bought black this time, I may add white to the collection, depending on how successfully warm they are! Maybe a trip to Lake Placid is in store to test them out!

    • Jordana December 9, 2011

      Hi Daniela,
      Ugg’s Adirondack boots are hot! Another friend just emailed to let me know that she has also decided to invest in them. I’ve never tried them on but if they are anything like the classic Ugg’s, then they are going to keep your toes toasty warm! Let us know!


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