The Friday Five: Poolside

Hello summer heat!

Although I am very thankful to have air conditioning at a time like this, I would definitely be open to having one of these pools (and matching pool houses) to keep me cool.

via Traditional Home

via Willow Decor

via 1st Option

via Elle Decor

via House & Home

How have you all been staying cool this summer?


  1. Johanne July 22, 2011

    I’m rather hot in my apartment- I occupy the second & third floors of a big beach house and although that sounds cool, it’s HOT! I’m using a fan and embracing ‘living summer’ – my new heat motto for adapting to a slower pace because of the heat- sans air conditioner. I have a fan to help me sleep at night, so far so good.

    -J 🙂

    • Jordana July 22, 2011

      Probably the best money you ever spent was on that fan, right Johanne? I’m on the slow pace train too these days. Hard to feel productive in this heat.

  2. Leanne July 22, 2011

    Wow – They are all gorgeous! My fave it the one by Willow Decor… I wouldn’t mind moving into the pool house! 🙂

    I’m loving my air conditioner – but would much prefer a pool… with a swanky pool house!

    • Jordana July 22, 2011

      Ha ha. I love it when the tough question of the day is What do you prefer – a pool or poolhouse?


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