The Friday Five: Teapots

I’ve got a major work weekend ahead of me and when I’m working from home I normally have a pot of tea on the go. This weekend I can guarantee I’ll be drinking more than one pot of tea!

Halo teapot, $79.95, Crate & Barrel

teapot, $54, Ten Thousand Villages

Design House Stockholm teapot, $70, CSN

Normann Copenhagen teapot, $200, CSN

Le Creuset teapot, $24.95, CSN

Although I do love making chai tea, my most favourite tea comes from H̩diard in Paris. Loose leaf teas in cute little red tins Рperfect!

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  1. Johanne April 1, 2011

    Great tea pots! I especially love the Normann Copenhagen corked number.

    Good luck with your busy busy schedule!! Sending you good tea vibes!


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