20 Below: Arrested Development

I must be one of the last people to get into the Arrested Development tv series. Netflix has recently brought it into my life and I have been laughing so hard while watching it. I’m now onto season 2 and still enjoying each episode.

If you don’t have Netflix, you can pick up Season 1 for less than $20. Great, right?

Arrested Development Season 1, $17.90, Amazon

Are you a fan?


  1. Shannon March 22, 2011

    I heart Jason Bateman! Arrested Development was such a cleverly written show. I was sad when it got cancelled.

    • Jordana March 22, 2011

      I feel so out of the loop! Didn’t even know it was cancelled! After how many seasons?

  2. Shannon March 22, 2011

    I think there were 3 seasons.

    • Jordana March 23, 2011

      I think I’ll be on to season 3 tonight! But I’ll be sad when it ends…

  3. Jennifer March 24, 2011

    I haven’t seen it either, but you’ve inspired me to check it out from Classic Video this weekend!


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